Why Diet Pills Could Be Very Dangerous

Why Diet Pills Could Be Very Dangerous

Resorting to diet pills or other medication over good diet and exercise to manage your weight issues is always the less healthy option. However, some of the pills the market is teeming with nowadays could be truly harmful to your health or even life-threatening. Here are some ways how:

Certain pills could disrupt your heartbeat
The FDA and many notable medical experts always warn against recklessly turning to diet pills or drugs. Some of these approach the weight-loss solution by upping your metabolism so you burn calories faster. Unfortunately, the way they work could also quicken your heartbeat in a disruptive manner, breaking the rhythm and making it irregular.

The pills could contain banned or untested ingredients
Many of the marketed pills and drugs in the market remain untested by the FDA and some of these have been found to contain dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, such as rimonabant, which is known to  be associated with depression. You should, thus, always consult a qualified medical professional on what medication, if any, you need.

Many brands use false advertisement
It's common to spot a lot of medication touted to be natural or of herbal source. However, the FDA has found a large number of these claims to be grossly misleading, with many of these so-called natural remedies containing primarily pharmaceutical concoctions well above FDA norms. Be mindful of whether the brands have been correctly tested and check up on their effects before purchase.

Good, healthful food and regular exercise may turn out to be the easiest way to effective weight loss. However, if you do intend to turn to medication to aid you, do not forget these facts when considering options.


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