Lee McCoy - an amateur to watch

Lee McCoy - an amateur to watch

Until recently, Lee McCoy was a promising young amateur golfer. However, after the Valspar Championship, he’s made his mark as a future professional to watch.


McCoy first made a splash winning the 2012 Class 4A State Championship in high school. He then went to play golf at the University of Georgia, where he’s earned a first team All-American distinction, in addition to being on the U.S. team for the Palmer and Walker Cup events.


At the recent Valspar Championship, McCoy had a home field advantage. He has played the Innisbrook course countless times, and this was his opportunity to showcase his skills on the same course. He said, "Surreal to say the least. I've always dreamt of just getting a tee time here on Thursday (for the tournament). Being in contention on Sunday, playing with the No. 1 player in the world is something that didn't cross my mind. I really had to pinch myself a few times today."


McCoy ended by finishing in fourth place at the tournament, a huge accomplishment for an amateur. He’s expected to join the professional ranks after the upcoming 2016 NCAA Division I Men’s Golf tournament. The toughest part of Valspar for McCoy was the prize money he could not accept as an amateur: $292,800. “I think I got like $350 in my bank account right now, so it's mostly gas money. It hurt, but there's so much going great for me right now. I'm just trying to take it all in. Just really grateful to be standing there.”


Given his performance at the event, we can expect McCoy to have many other top finishes in his professional career and ones he can literally take to the bank.

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