Peter Oosterhuis Reveals That He Has The Alzheimer's Disease

Peter Oosterhuis Reveals That He Has The Alzheimer's Disease

The news that someone has the Alzheimer's disease is arguably one of the last things anyone would want to here and especially from your family member so I can only imagine how Peter Oosterhuis feels as well as his family. Peter took to YouTube so as to make the announcement. The official YouTube video in which he reveals that he has Alzheimer's was released on Monday and it was actually accompanied by a profile as well that was in the Golf World. 

Back in January this year, Peter surprised many, including me, when he decided that it was time to call it quits as a broadcaster. Given the fact that he was only 67-years old, I was positive that he still had a few years so as to be a broadcast. With the announcement that he has Alzheimer's, now everything starts to explain itself. Here is what he said back in January when he announced that he would be retiring. 

“I do feel like this is perfect opportunity and time for me to finally call it quits so as to focus on other things in my life that I have wanted to do ever since I was a little child.”

Peter Oosterhuis will usually be missed in the broadcasting world as I am positive no one will able to do what he did and how he did it. As at now we can only pray for him and hope that everything will be well with him as he continues with this journey we call life. 

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