PGA Tour Stats for 2015-2016

PGA Tour Stats for 2015-2016

PGA Tour is a platform where golf lovers can get analytical information on the performance of golfers. The site contains reviews of matches and players. Theses statics help in creating profiles of players based on their performances.

Besides statistics and analysis, PGA Tour gives back to society by making charitable donations of over $2 billion to help needy people worldwide. Below are top four golfers worldwide:

Top Four Men Golfers Worldwide

1.Jason Day

Day is a 28-year-old Australian who is the number one reigning golf winner worldwide after a tremendous performance at the Players Championships. Walking in the footsteps of Tiger Woods, he holds a record of winning seven PGA Tour wins in 10 months. PGA Tour wins have made Day $12.2 million, more than many combined players have made.

2.Adam Scotts

Adjustments to Adam Scott’s irons are to blame for his sluggish start. He needs time to perfect his A-game amidst the changes. Scott is a 34-year-old Australian former world champion and the FedExCup Leader. He boasts two back-to-back championships this year joining Day in a multiple winner record.

3.Jordan Spieth

Having taken some time off the game, Jordan Spieth has some quick adapting to do. Spieth is the world’s second golf winner. He has won the top spot three times. Spieth gladly accepted Day’s number one win as a challenge and source of motivation to better himself.

4.Rory Mcllroy

Defending champion Rory Mcllroy has managed to play in the top spots seven times now. He is among young golfers to be world winners at 22 years of age. Despite being the world’s third, Mcllroy is troubled by the media’s attention to negative reporting and overlooking his exemplary performances.

This young group of top golfers is doing well at redeeming golf after legends like Tiger Woods. Jason Day, for instance, is already being dubbed as a Tiger Woods-esque by fellow golfer Adam Scott. These top men are optimistic, determined, and committed to revolutionizing this sport.



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