How did Tiger Woods do at the Riviera Country Club in February 2018?

How did Tiger Woods do at the Riviera Country Club in February 2018?

Tiger Woods returned to the greens last week at the Riviera Country Club. Probably this golf green is not his favorite since this is where Woods has played the most often without winning.  

However, this place holds a spot in Wood's heart since it is where he made his debut in 1992. A 16-year-old Tiger made his debut at the PGA Tour. His last start there was 12 years ago. 

The Event at Riviera Country Club

Tiger Woods at the Riviera Country Club was under the sponsorship of the luxury car brand, Genesis. This is actually the second consecutive year of the partnership. Genesis One manager Erwin Raphael was hoping that Woods would participate, which he did. 

Woods went on to compete in the first two 18-hole tournaments, albeit with a not a very good game. He did not do well enough to qualify for the weekend play. However, the presence of Tiger did bring a lot of attention to the tournament and, as a consequence, to Genesis. 

After the first round, Woods was in the hunt. He managed a 5-over-par 76, which was a clear indication that he was not at the top of his game. After two shaky rounds and not being able to cut it for the weekend qualifiers, Woods admits there is still room to improve. 

"My cut was just not cutting," Woods said. "It was just one of those things."

The 42-year old is currently trying to get back into the game after a series of injuries that have kept him from playing for a while. This week, Woods participated in the Honda Classic where he will return to the weekly back-to-back games again after more than three years. 

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