Gee Chun Deciding Whether Or Not To Join The LPGA

Gee Chun Deciding Whether Or Not To Join The LPGA

During last weekend’s U.S. Women Open a star emerged and that star was non-other than Gee Chun. Following a very convincing and perfect round, Chun was able to see off any completion on the last day and she was crowned as the winner of the U.S. Women Open. Despite her win, Chun is not actually part of the LPGA and she is actually considering whether or not she should take up the membership right now or wait a little bit. 

There are plenty of things that you actually don’t know about the 20-year old Chun, for instance, she does have a fun club back in her home country South Korea and the club is interestingly called the “Flying Dumbos”. During her entire career Chun has managed to win lots of accolades, she has won 7 times as the Korean LPGA Winner. In addition to all that, Chun actually does have a nickname and its all thanks to her coach. Chun’s swing coach nicknamed her “Dumbo” this is because she actually has a high hearing ability. 

Following her win at the U.S. Women Open, Chun has the right to actually claim immediate membership of the LPGA. By claiming membership, Chun would be able to play in this year’s event as well as next year. Here is what she said after winning the U.S. Women Open. 

“Its still very new to me, I don’t believe that I actually won,” she said on Sunday. “LPGA is definitely my goal but right now I am still thinking about this win, I would probably think about it tonight and maybe tomorrow.”


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