Billionaire Laliberté backing Major Series of Putting in Las Vegas

Billionaire Laliberté backing Major Series of Putting in Las Vegas

All amateur golfers with a thirst (and even a knack) for glory, there is a chance for you opening in Las Vegas. We guess this is yet another excuse to visit Sin City.  Lune Rouge Innovation, a creative company backed by Canadian billionaire Guy Laliberté has announced the 2017 Major Series of Putting Championship to take place in March. 

The venue in Vegas is a course designed by Nicklaus Design.  It is a 20,000-ft course with 18 holes.  The prizes will include a total of several millions.  There will also be a variety of tournaments, which will be announced later.  It is known to this day that tournaments will include stroke plays for singles and teams and match play with exclusive events for women.

Laliberté is putting down a huge check on this one. The tournaments, which will be taking place over a period of three weeks, will include a $5,000-entry stroke-play championship for a payout of $825,000 and the winner is guaranteed $155,000. Some entries, just like in the World Series of Poker, will come from qualifiers.

This is definitively not a mini-golf event, especially given the size of the course located by the Vegas Strip, but due to the size of the event itself.

Brad Faxxon, advisor to the Major Series of Putting and two-time member of the U.S. Ryder Cup Team has expressed, “MSOP is setting the stage for golfers from all walks of life to experience the intensity and excitement you’ll only reach when you sink that final putt for the win. Everyone has a shot at glory. All that is needed is a putter, a ball, skills and ice in the veins.”

The venue will be packed with all the details necessary to make this a major event.  Live scoring, giant screens, grandstand seating, a pro shop, sports bar and much more are included in the event.  "This will truly level the playing field for the sport", MSOP president and general manager Guillaume Beland said. "And Vegas will give it that additional sex appeal."

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