Kangaroos ruining the game of golf in Perth, Australia

Kangaroos ruining the game of golf in Perth, Australia

If you thought kangaroos cute and adorable, maybe you will think again after seeing how they are wrecking golf courses in Perth, Australia. We are not talking about a couple or a herd of some 20 roos. The groundsmen have actually used tractors and golf carts to scare away around 3500 of them! 

Sun City Country Club in Perth, Australia has been having issues with invading kangaroos that hover on the greens. The golf course is right next to Yanchep National Park, which provides a small amount of bush for the growing population of kangaroos.  The use of tractors and vehicles to scare away the kangaroos from the field has earned them harsh criticism from community and animal rights campaigners.

Kelsey Burns, one of these activists, started a petition that was signed by approximately 2,000 people demanding Sun City Country Club to stop pushing the kangaroos into nearby homes or onto the road. She posted on change.org, “Recently it has been brought to our attention that staff at the Yanchep golf course have been driving the kangaroos away from the course [into the surrounding residential area with only a little bit of bush surrounding the course using tractors/utility vehicles.”

The issue here is that the kangaroos are attracted to the golf course due to the green pasture and water supply. In the process, they cause damage to the course that costs thousands of dollars every year to repair. Before, the fields around the golf course allowed a large area for forage for kangaroos and housing development had not started. However, they have been displaced from their natural habitat and practically forced onto the golf course. 

Many believe that, given that the kangaroo population has increased and they can no longer live in peace, they should be relocated to a national park where they can live freely and without any harassment.

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